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    • SLICE LIKE A MASTER CHEF: Easily adjust the height of the blade panel for any slicing thickness you want, from delicate paper-thin slices to hearty noodles & French fries
    • NO EXTRA ATTACHMENTS – No more hassles of carrying extra slicing blades or attachments. Everything is integrated inside one single unit
    • JULIENNE & DICING – Adjust the knob of the julienne blades for different thickness. Use the hand guard / pusher for square and diamond shaped dicing. (Please download the User Manual from Technical Specification)
    • SHARPER BLADES, BETTER RESULTS: The razor-sharp stainless steel V-blade cuts more precisely than any knife. Always stays sharp! (If desired, sharpen occasionally with small hand sharpener)
    • SAVE TIME & EASY TO CLEAN: Slice all kinds of fruits & veggies – in seconds – with effortless ease. Then wash it under running water (hand-wash only). You will cut prep time in half, so you will have more time to relax
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