3-in-1 Spray Mop Kit, Floor Mop Set with 5 FREE Accessories: 2 Reusable Microfiber Mop Pads for Wet/Dry Vinyl, Hardwood, Laminate/Tiles Floor Mopping/Cleaning, 2 Window Cleaner Pads and 1 Glass Wiper

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  • NO MORE LUGGING BUCKETS: Self-contained mopping system features an attached, refillable 600mL bottle to provide fresh cleaning solution at all times. A much better way to mop floors!
  • FOR WINDOWS & GLASSES TOO: Our 3-foot mop includes a special attachment for cleaning windows and wiping down mirrors & other glass surfaces. Bottle holder has lock to keep it from falling out.


  • USE YOUR FAVOURITE CLEANER: Unlike mops that force you to buy THEIR cleaning product, our bottle can be filled with any disinfectant or detergent you wish. Save serious money!
  • REUSABLE MICROFIBER PAD: Cleaning cloth can be easily detached and either hand-washed or machine-washed. Suitable for multiple floor surfaces including hardwood, laminate, & tile.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We want you to be positively thrilled with this very functional mop! If you’re not satisfied for any reason at all, let us know and we’ll make it right.



Healthy Living begins with Cleaning Tools from Ubesto Living. Try our 3-in-1 Spray Mop Kit to keep your floors and windows clean.

Get rid of that bulky bucket at last! This innovative 3-in-1 mop takes care of floors, glasses & windows AND lets you use your preferred cleaning solution.

Tired of hauling around a heavy bucket and mop to clean your floors? Do not worry. Now there’s a better way to get your home sparkling: the 3-in-1 Spray Mop from Ubesto!

We’ve combined a mop and cleaning solution into one efficient tool. Simply fill the bottle with water and / or detergent, attach the bottle to the mop, and use the spray button to wet the floor where you want to clean. AND the good news is that it lets you use your preferred cleaning solution.

How is it better than traditional mops:

How is it better than traditional mops:

  • No need to carry a bucket; thus relieving you from pain in arms
  • No need to bend for mopping your floors; thus reducing the possibility for back-aches
  • Reusable pads and no use of battery or electricity reducing unnecessary expenses
  • High quality plastic bottle letting you use the cleaning solution of your choice
  • No physical contact with the floor cleaning solutions; thus maintaining hygiene
  • Long handle with swivel design helps you reach every corner of your room with ease
  • Serves you in both dry and wet cleaning

This is how our spray mop stands out:

Bottle Holder Lock – A Unique Feature
It comes with a bottle holder lock. This unique feature locks the bottle firmly in-place and prevents it from dislodging even if the bottle is completely filled in. It stands useful specially while cleaning windows or glasses at a height.

Perfect Spray at any angle
Its spray nozzle is designed to spray perfectly covering full width of the mop head. And the inner mechanism of the bottle is such that it can spray the liquid inside even when the mop is held at any angle. It finely sprays sufficient amount of mist which supplies enough moisture to clean your floors / windows.

Full 180 Degree Swing

The mop head can swing 180 degrees. It turns and twists to provide twice the coverage. Thus you can clean all the area in a shorter span of time.

Comfortable Ergonomic handle

Comfortable Handle Grip
The ergonomically designed handle gives you a comfortable grip to easily reach the trigger. So you can squeeze the trigger effectively to spray only the required amount of liquid. Thus you can clean any type of floors without damaging the wooden floors.

No Need for Electricity

This gadget does not need any batteries or electric connection to operate. So, you will save on your electricity consumption.

Strong & Durable Quality

It is built of high-quality plastic and aluminium making it strong and durable. Still it is light-weight and easy to handle, so anybody can use it.

Use it Wet or Dry

Be it wet mopping or dry dusting of your floors, you can use this tool in any way to neatly clean your floors and keep them shiny.

That’s not all. This innovative, 3-in-1 mop takes care of floors, glasses & windows

Imagine having ONE TOOL that does all of floor mopping, window cleaning & glass wiping!

Our removable microfiber pad deep-cleans your ceramic, marble, vinyl, wood, tile, and laminate floors without scratching.

This mop lets you reach every corner of the room; even the narrow spaces between furniture!

Best of all, when you’re done you can simply toss the mop pads into the washing machine and reuse after cleaning. A much more cost-effective option than disposable pads.

We also include a window cleaner attachment that lets you easily wash windows and wipe down the glass surfaces in your home. With a 3-foot pole, this mop reaches even the highest windows and mirrors, while the bottle lock holds the bottle in place! This powerful mop assembles quickly and can be disassembled for fuss-free storage.


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