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  • Works with the Ubestob Spray Mop and similar other spray mops
  • The gasket on the bottle provides a tight seal to the mop to prevent leaking
  • Bottle holder has lock to keep it from falling out.
  • Use any solution in the bottle or just hot water to customize your clean
  • Mix your own solution in the bottle by adding two tablespoons of cleaning solution to water
  • Have multiple refillable bottles handy to pre-mix solution for different floors
  • Bottle features molded water fill line and solution fill line for recommended mixture ratio
  • Large bottle opening for easy refilling
  • Suitable for use with most cleaning chemicals
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The Ubesto Refillable Spray Mop Bottle works with the Ubesto Spray Mop to allow you to clean your floor your way. The bottle allows you to use any solution or just plain water to clean your floors. Buy multiple bottles and mix separate solutions for different floors in your house to make cleaning simpler.


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